Old School Hardcore

Loads of fun at life4land on Saturday, big up to everyone who played and came along and generally made it as banging as it was! Short clip of mattycore smashing out the old school hardcore from Laurie. https://www.facebook.com/laurie.l.smart/videos/vb.567938513/10154773240813514/?type=3&theater

Last Nightmare Before Xmas


DNB // JUNGLETEK // HARD TRANCE // OLD SKOOL // MAKINA HOSTILIS SOUND SYSTEM WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A HUGE NORTH EAST WELCOME TO: ED COX & E-COLI (LIVE) HOSTILIS residents representing on the night are: Slanty Alk-m-e Hoot Crinnion And we welcome back a special guest MC who needs no introduction MC STRETCH !!! […]